[uf-discuss] Re: Microformats Would Benefit From a Pseudo-Namespace

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 11:05:20 PDT 2007

> > > The hCard microformat alone theoretically blocks more than 20 class
> > > names
> >
> > is true only if you qualify it with "when used in the context of an
> > element that has the class name of 'vcard'".
> No, and I still hope that the "photo" class example makes that clear.
> No matter if a class name that is claimed by a microformat is already used or gets introduced in a project, problems arise when the respective element should be styled differently outside the respective microformat context. An additional CSS rule already means a "problem" since it could be unnecessary by design. Current practice thus needlessly influences the "regular" work, and something like a simple "namespace" could already avoid that.

In practice, authors can choose selectors that provides a mechanism
that works similarly to using namespaces.
uf photo:
.vcard .photo
other photos:

So the top level microformat class name can often serve the same
purpose as a namespace for the tasks of authoring style sheets.  The
prescribed microformat properties don't stand alone... nodes can only
become microformat properties when the DOM is properly organized.
This DOM organization serves as a resolution mechanism for the issues
you mentioned.



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