[uf-discuss] hCards and Companies

Duncan Cragg uf-discuss at cilux.org
Fri Sep 21 13:31:17 PDT 2007

Hello uF list!

I've got some questions on hCards used to represent a company...

<disclaimer mood="friendly">
      Nothing here should be constituted as a request for a new uF;
      I've read the hCard and vCard specs;
      I know about paving the cowpath, 80:20 and POSH;
      I've Googled as much as I can..


- I would like a person hCard to have a pointer to the hCard of the 
company they work for in the 'org' bit: can I include or link to the 
company hCard? I can imagine separate company hCards for the main 
company and the specific 'organisation-unit' within it.

- I would like my company hCards, conversely, to contain a list of 
[role->hCard] links - e.g. CEO: [link to CEO's hCard]; CIO: [link to 
CIO's hCard] - I know 'agent' exists, but this is different, and not in 
the hCard spec itself.

- I would like to have a full, official registered company name in a 
company hCard that differs from the public, friendly name - the spec 
says 'n' should be blank for company/organisation hCards, so where can 
the official name go?  (the spec forces 'org' to be the same as the 
friendly name, of course) should I use fn/nickname resp? or abbr?

- I would like to drop in a field for the ticker code: NASDAQ:MSFT, etc; 
also the SEDOL and ISIN codes. Similarly a field for sector, UK 
Companies House classification, etc. Shall I just go POSH, here? Use 
rel-tag? Any suggestions or precedents?


Duncan Cragg
The Financial Times Group (UK) <-- now you can see why I'm asking! =0)

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