[uf-discuss] [Fwd: Search engine results, where do they go?]

Øyvind Østlund oyvind at noteme.com
Sat Sep 22 17:14:01 PDT 2007


Bare with me, I am new to this. But I have been reading quite a bit lately
about Microformats, and I want to try to use them for my search results on
a web page I have.

On the Wiki there is a link (today goes nowhere
http://randomchaos.com/microformats/base/) about using hAtom for search
results. Is that really the way to go? Looking at xFolk it looks much
closer to what a search result really is. After a search you are presented
with something similar to a bookmark with all the information already
filled out. Can anyone tell me if I am completely in the wild here?

- ØØ -

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