[uf-discuss] hCard e-mail link/value

Stanimir Stamenkov s7an10 at netscape.net
Sun Sep 23 03:40:05 PDT 2007

Sat, 22 Sep 2007 12:54:13 -0600, /Scott Reynen/:

> http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard-parsing#email_property
> <a class="email"> takes the value from the href attribute as an 
> exception from standard parsing rules.  You probably want to do this 
> instead:
> <a href="mailto:John%20Doe%3Cjohn.doe at example.com%3E"><span 
> class="email">john.doe at example.com</span></a>

Thanks.  That makes sense, although I think the handling of the 
class "value" in this case should not have been overridden.  It 
wouldn't contradict with the case if the "email" class is on <a 
href="mailto:..."> element, but would make the handling of the 
"value" class more uniform.  It could have also been defined a more 
strict parsing of the href="mailto:..." value so only the addr-spec 
(as defined in RFC 822) is extracted, but I'm not sure if this would 
be more helpful than restricting.

I've tried the "Microformats Bookmarklet" has a problem with the 
suggested construct not extracting any e-mail value but the "Tails 
Export" extension gets it right.


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