[uf-discuss] rel-tag and arbitrary content

Taylor Cowan taylor_cowan at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 24 20:27:58 PDT 2007

It keeps coming up every 6 months for a reason.  the tags apply to the links...exactly my point, the same way the tags apply to the review, or the tags apply to the listing, or the tags apply to the feed, or the tags apply to the feed element, or the tags (categories) apply the calendar appointment.  All of those examples are documented on the wiki, with the exception of the link.

>Also, your suggestion would require parsers to know about every
>microformat container that supports tags.

That's already partially the case isn't it?  What I'm suggesting would relax the need to know which formats use tags.  The parser would just liberally attach the tags to the parent element, either the page, or the microformat they occurred within...assuming compound formats, not the atomic variety (hReview, hListing, hAtom,...)


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Benjamin West wrote:
> We've had discussions along these lines before.  At one point, someone
> suggested adding a top level classname that would serve as a kind of
> keyword flag to let parsers know how to apply the rel-tag.  However, we
> never reached consensus on the need or the solution. (search for
> scoping discussions)
> Perhaps delicious' problems with rel-tag is a good enough concrete case
> to renew discussion
As I pointed out last time, this issue comes up every six months. It is 
worth considering that you don't need microformats to extract data from 
del.icio.us; it's available in purely semantic form as RSS. Also: 
rel-tag doesn't capture the data delivered by del.icio.us in the way 
that is being disucssed; the tags apply to the links from del.icio.us, 
not to the page as a whole. ~D

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