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Duncan Cragg uf-discuss at cilux.org
Tue Sep 25 02:47:01 PDT 2007

Ryan: thanks for replying!  =0)

> > I would like a person hCard to have a pointer to the hCard of the
> > company they work for in the 'org' bit: can I include or link to
> > the company hCard? I can imagine separate company hCards for the
> > main company and the specific 'organisation-unit' within it.
> First, I assume the use case is: "given an hcard for the person, how
> can I find more contact info for that company?"
Yes. That sounds right.

We expect (a) an hCard for a person, 'pointing to' (b) an hCard for
their company.

In web page terms, we spot Sam Bloggs' hCard on
http://sam-bloggs.org/blogg/, and *somehow* get a link (annotated as
their company) to the Bloggs' Cleaning Supplies, Ltd contact web page
- with /their/ hCard inside.

> Unfortunately, there isn't any structure for company urls in vcard/
> hcard. Creative solutions within the bounds of vcard compatibility
> would be nice. :)
Um - OK, then, what do we do next?  =0)

> > I would like my company hCards, conversely, to contain a list of
> > [role->hCard] links - e.g. CEO: [link to CEO's hCard]; CIO: [link
> > to CIO's hCard] - I know 'agent' exists, but this is different, and
> > not in the hCard spec itself.
> I assume the use case here would be a staff page like http://
> technorati.com/about/staff.html ? A concrete example like that would
> be easier to talk about.
Given the hCard we discovered on Bloggs' Cleaning Supplies, Ltd.
contact page, we discover (annotated appropriately) 'back-links' to
the most important people in the company - the CEO Sam Bloggs, etc.

These may be repeated or copied hCards (ug) with links to their own
personal websites' top page, or bare links to the pages on these
personal websites in which it is known they have their hCards embedded

I say 'ug' and 'better' because Sam doesn't want to maintain two
hCards - his own on his own site and the one controlled by the IT
department of Bloggs' Cleaning Supplies, Ltd.

Presumably Mr Ryan King has the same problem..
http://technorati.com/about/staff.html -vs- http://theryanking.com/contact/

Further thoughts?  =0)


Duncan Cragg
The Financial Times Group (UK)

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