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I have admit his point is well taken.  RSS is pretty good and Atom fantastic in the amount information it can convey...sometimes I get blinders on, but a good example is magnolia.  Fully microformated but the feeds are even better.

After reading the Atom spec I was surprised to find how much it'll convey, licensing, authorship, tags, and at the aggregate level as well, not just the individial elements.  

But nothing beats having that operator bar go green in terms of discoverability.


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> It is worth considering that you don't need microformats to extract 
>data from del.icio.us; it's available in purely semantic form as RSS.

That's not to say that the addition of microformats would not add extra 
functionality - I don't know of an RSS reader that can do what Operator 
does to, say, add contacts to my address book or events to my calendar, 
for instance; or to look up tags on Flickr.

Andy Mabbett
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