[uf-discuss] GRDDL with HTML 4.01

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Sep 27 15:50:21 PDT 2007

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<d375f00f0709271508v5c2101aay3abe9fe8a829da7a at mail.gmail.com>, Tom
Morris <bbtommorris at gmail.com> writes

[My HTNML4,01 page with GRDDL mark-up:

        <http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/belvide/> ]

>> Surely

>> parsers should be able to convert it, on the
>> fly, to XHTML before extracting the RDF? Or have I misunderstood
>> something?
>> Are there parsers for GRDDL in HTML, which I've overlooked?

>It is up to GRDDL implementors to add HTML parsing as they see fit.


>I have an internal GRDDL parser which I use which pipes everything
>through Tidy.
>GRDDL implementors can also choose default profiles. For instance,
>Triplr automatically looks for some common microformats (hCard and
>hCalendar, IIRC).

Am I correct in thinking you'd parse any page with hCard that way, with
or without it having GRDDL mark-up?

>Triplr can't parse any of the actual GRDDL data.

Not sure what you mean, here.

> You ought to use a
>profile page - perhaps a specific profile for your whole site with
>links to different transformations.

What would be the advantage of that, for me or the site's users?

>Using data-view on the source document is not good practice. There's
>no reason you can't but Triplr doesn't seem to be reading it.

Again, not sure what you mean, here.

>The W3C hosts an official reference implementation GRDDL service:
>This should not read your page as it's designed to work closely to
>spec - i.e. XHTML and XML, not HTML 4.

That seems a rather short-sighted view, if the intention is to allow
publishers to join the semantic web with the least effort.

Thanks for your help.

Andy Mabbett

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