[uf-discuss] PD wording: inconsistency between wiki and blog

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Jan 3 04:29:34 PST 2008

The wording:

        One way to address some of these concerns is for individual
        contributors to decide for themselves if they'd like to put
        their own individual contributions to the wiki, mailing lists,
        blog, and IRC channel into the public domain.


        If enough contributors eventually support this...



would seem to be at odds with:

        Editors will [...] remove past contributions from users who have
        indicated that preference.

        Starting February 1st, primary editors and authors of pages
        should start cleaning microformats.org wiki pages created before
        today of non-public-domain content [...]

        When all pages are new or cleaned, the admins will move the text
        of the CC-PD license to the global footer on the wiki, thus
        indicating that the contents of the entire wiki is in the public



Andy Mabbett

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