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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Jan 3 04:33:57 PST 2008

In message <003a01c84dc1$c33582b0$116bacca at COMCEN>, Michael MD
<mdagn at spraci.com> writes

>Quite a lot of phones in recent years appear to have some (limited) support
>for iCal/vCard ... so online conversion tools or server-based tools may be
>the only practical way to go until phones with better browsers which include
>support for stuff like javascript reach consumer pricing levels and become
>more popular.

A version of Opera, "Opera Mini":


is available for some mobile devices - it is both free and good.

Perhaps the way forward is to lobby for such third-party add-ons to
offer better features, such as uF support, and hope the device makers
will then play catch-up with their own software.

>I thought the iPhone would be better than that.. but I haven't seen one yet.

>From the reviews I've read, I'm not surprised.

>I was always somewhat dismayed at the lack of support for transferring
>contacts/events/etc in any standard formats on many mobile devices .. I
>can't see the point of having something like a calendar on my phone if I am
>expected to re-enter everything by hand .. I (and I assume most people)
>couldn't be bothered doing that, so such a calendar ends up being nothing
>more than a waste of space!

I can't even copy plain text from web pages using the native browser on
my Nokia N95; nor for that matter, with Opera Mini - though I have more
confidence in the ability being added to the latter.

I do, though, synch my calendar with Outlook's calendar, which I use on
my desktop PC (and could also synch it with my Lotus Notes' calendar, at
work, except all my colleagues have access to that..!)

Andy Mabbett

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