[uf-discuss] Tentative proposal: Sub-microformats to streamline common microformat patterns for simple data

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Jan 3 10:40:16 PST 2008

In message <477D1A29.10202 at brixlogic.com>, Guillaume Lebleu 
<gl at brixlogic.com> writes

>Andy Mabbett wrote:
>> We could simply declare, in the manner of implied-n-optimisation, that
>> an hCard with no children:
>>         as <span class="vcard">John Smith</span> said

>Why use the semantics of an electronic business cards standard to tag 
>an entity's name?

Because they're the most appropriate semantics; and because people are 
already using the long-hand version of hCard to do so.

vCard is an electronic business cards standard; hCard is not merely an 
electronic business cards standard, but already has wider uses.

I'm not suggesting a new use of those semantics; I'm merely suggesting a 
more efficient way of using them.

>isn't this an example of hammering unfit-for-hcard content into hcard?

Clearly, I don't think so.

>To me, if there is value in tagging and extracting entities from 
>narrative Web content, it is a different problem than extracting 
>contact information from a structured Web contact card, and as a result 
>probably deserves its own class attributes, and maybe a microformat if 
>that usage is widespread enough.

Are you suggesting that we use different class-names to mark up the same 
data? That's directly in contravention of the microformat "principles"; 
and would put more weight back onto the shoulders of publishers.

>For now, in the example above the only thing that would make sense to 
>me is an <href> link pointing to an anchor/id in the same/different 
>page that would contain John Smith's contact information.

Who says that that information is one the page in question?

Andy Mabbett

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