[uf-discuss] Tentative proposal: Sub-microformats to streamline common microformat patterns for simple data

Paul Wilkins pmw57 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Jan 3 13:07:59 PST 2008

On Jan 4, 2008 6:00 AM, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> There are a great many pages where a vCard is, or could be applied to a
> single data-value (such as a name) in prose, or a table, without further
> attributes being present; for example:
>         ...as John Smith said...
> Currently, that would require:
>         as <span class="vcard"><span class="fn">John Smith</span></span>
>         said
> which is a considerable amount of mark-up, compared to the actual data,
> and significantly bloats a page on which many such name appear.
> Other examples might be:
>         ...lived in Birmingham since 2005...
>         ...developed by Acme Inc. using cheese...

What if the include pattern could be used without having to be inside an hcard?
    as <span class="fn" id="john-smith-name">John Smith</span> said

Paul Wilkins

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