[uf-discuss] hCard to represent simple entities (was: Tentativeproposal...)

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Fri Jan 4 10:29:33 PST 2008

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>I wrote a long-ish reply to Andy's post, but I think it vanished into the
>mysterious SMTP aether. My sincere apologies if this is double-posted.

It arrived here, via the mailing list, but the content is subtly 
different, so I'm replying to each.

>On the names thing, I suppose I could be tagging something with the name
>"John Smith", in which case I'd use rel-tag, or making "John Smith"
>available to be downloaded as a vcard, in which case I'd use hcard. The
>semantics of "John Smith" haven't changed between those two examples. What
>I want to do with the phrase "John Smith" has, so the exact microformat I'd
>use depends on what I want to do with the names in the end, more than their

But that's dependent on what *you"* want to do. If you use more 
consistent mark-up, then your users, and parsers, can deal with them as 
they see fit.

For instance, adding a tag doesn't tell a future search engine that your 
text is about a person.

Andy Mabbett

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