[uf-discuss] hCard to represent simple entities (was: Tentative proposal...)

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Fri Jan 4 10:24:55 PST 2008

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>We used TEI-Lite years ago, to digitise an archive of papers relating 
>to the explorer Matthew Flinders. Specifically, we wanted to index 
>papers according to people, places, ships etc. mentioned in those 
>letters. The indexing had to be good enough to recognise that eg. 'The 
>Revd Mr Tyler' and 'Tyler, (Reverend) William' are semantically the 
>same. TEI-Lite is good for this sort of problem.
>That archive is available in HTML at
>but the HTML version loses the semantics of the underlying TEI 
>documents, which are hidden away in a database and, therefore, 
>unavailable to the serious researcher. We could open up the original 
>semantic documents by giving links to the XML versions, but it might be 
>useful also to try and preserve the TEI semantics in the HTML documents.

Assuming that you're marking each with one TEI category (rather than 
separate, more granular, categories for title, given name and family 
name) then you can use "POSH" with, say, class="person" in your HTML.

But better still, by using the more granular categories, as above, you'd 
be half-way to using hCard.

Andy Mabbett

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