[uf-discuss] London, England event: BarCamp on "re-use of public sector information" 12 January 2008

Jim O'Donnell jim at eatyourgreens.org.uk
Sat Jan 5 06:40:57 PST 2008

This sounds like something I should go to, but I believe I'm busy  
next Saturday too.

If anyone does go, could they write it up somewhere please?


On 5 Jan 2008, at 13:22, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> Anyone in London fancy going to this, and speaking about microformats?
>     <http://www.freeourdata.org.uk/blog/?p=168>
>         The Office of Public Sector Information, part of The National
>         Archives, is holding a conference to ask re-users of public
>         sector information to shape the future of public sector
>         information re-use.  The event is open to anyone interested in
>         public sector re-use and will take place on the 12 January  
> 2008,
>         at the Spey & Ness Rooms, City Inn.
>         "The aim of the web channel is to present public sector
>         information with a commercial value in a user friendly way  
> that
>         will encourage its re-use and simplify its uptake, by  
> improving
>         interaction between departments and end-users.  The format of
>         the final channel will have been shaped by the user community
>         contributions through the web channel forum:
>                 <http://www.opsi.gov.uk/forums/forums/index.asp>
>         and this BarCamp 'unconference'.
>         "The event follows the decision to launch a web-based  
> channel as
>         recommended by the Power of Information report that will
>         "improve the Government's responsiveness to demands for public
>         sector information". If you would like to attend the event you
>         can register and shape the agenda by visiting:
>                 <http://barcamp.org/BarCampPOIR8>
>         "The 'unconference' will take place at Spey & Ness Rooms, City
>         Inn, 30 John Islip Street, Westminster, London."
> I have added microformats to the proposed topics for discussion, even
> though I shall not be able to attend.
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> Andy Mabbett
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