[uf-discuss] Using an external resource for the include-pattern

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Sat Jan 5 23:43:13 PST 2008

>I presume the "ease of implementation" is referring to a *parser*
>grabbing the data from another resource. As far as marking up a
>document, I don't see how the "vast majority of use cases" should
>dictate this and it is certainly trivial to provide a
>relative/absolute URL in the href (e.g.
>href="http://www.csarven.ca#hcard") of the document.

I think there is a case for something like this where there is optional
extra data not required to make sense of the document itself but as a link
to another document with more information about an item.

Eg: a hCalender listing of upcoming festivals could provide a link inside
each vevent to another hCalendar page listing when each act is playing at
that festival (this could then be separate to the main "url" link for the
item which might be the website for that festival).

I do think however such external data should only be for optional stuff that
the user might choose to look when they want to know more detail about an
item and is probably best handled by some kind of simple link with a
semantic classname describing what it is for rather than include-pattern
(wouldn't that be forcing the user to look at that extra detail and wait for
it to load even if they are not interested in it?)

Perhaps there should also be a way to describe if an something on one page
could be considered to be part of (like "child of") something else on
another so that tools can relate them - eg tell that a vevent item about a
specific session at a conference is actually part of a conference described
in another item elsewhere else. 

Perhaps all that would be needed is a way to mark up those links to describe
such relationships and also a way to mark up when something external is a
more detailed version of the same item. (eg a hcard with just fn and org
might have a link to another hcard for the same person somewhere else with
full contact details)

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