[uf-discuss] hCard: url and tel

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Jan 7 17:27:49 PST 2008

On 1/7/08 5:19 PM, "Guillaume Lebleu" <gl at brixlogic.com> wrote:

> to avoid the meta discussion and go back to Kat's specific problem
> (she wants to specify a phone as work but without the content containing
> "work" or any of its abbreviations), maybe something that would work
> would be to have an implied 'work' tel type when a fn and an org that
> are both present and a tel type is not present. I believe we could have
> an implied 'voice' type in this case as well.
> Sorry in advance if this idea has already been proposed/discussed.

Hi Guillaume,

"voice" in fact is already default value of the type sub-property for tel:


Perhaps you could document your brainstorm for implied 'work' tel type when
fn and org are present (and the same? is this for organization hCards only?)
on the hCard brainstorming page?


Citations of URLs of real world examples that demonstrate this use case
would help in consideration.



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