[uf-discuss] Hcard - marking up sms short codes

Philip Tellis philip.tellis at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 20:16:18 PST 2008

On 08/01/2008, Michael MD <mdagn at spraci.com> wrote:

> It might be of interest to people in some places - especially when there may
> be differences between the costs of making a call to a landline or a mobile.
> eg .. here in Sydney if I'm calling a local landline number from another
> landline it is a cheap untimed local call rate.
> wheras if I am calling from a mobile it is usually cheaper to call another
> mobile number than a landline.
> ...also ... there may be a "preferred" number that people may want to be
> used when multiple numbers are available...
> (also each number might have times associated with it - when the person can
> be contacted on that number)

similarly, in India, phone-A to phone-B rates (incoming as well as
outgoing) depend on where phone-A and phone-B were originally signed
up for, the plan that both were signed up for, and where each of them
is at the time of making the call.  However, does all of this belong
in the vcard?

Would you, for example, put down, "preferred from 0900-1700IST, except
on weekends and between the 5th and 15th of May, unless you're signed
up with plan foo on provider bar" as meta info for the number?


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