[uf-discuss] Icons of MF wiki

Alex Faaborg faaborg at mozilla.com
Thu Jan 10 08:48:20 PST 2008

All of the icons coming out of mozilla are likely going to be full  
public domain, since CC attribution licenses are not compatible with  
the mozilla.org license policy.  Also, we want to reduce any possible  
barriers to entry for using the icons for basic types of information  
(similar to what happened with RSS).

Unfortunately it might be awhile before we begin releasing microformat  
icons into the public domain.  In order to maintain the current ship  
schedule for Firefox 3, we won't be exposing microformatted content in  
the user interface.  We will however still ship with the microformats  
API implemented by Mike Kaply (of Operator fame), so it will be  
considerably easier for Firefox extensions to experiment and innovate  
with microformats.  The API that Mike landed for Firefox 3 also means  
that we will only need to worry about finishing front end changes for  
getting microformat support into the next release.  We tend to release  
new versions of Firefox pretty regularly, so while I'm personally  
disappointed that Firefox 3 won't have native support in the interface  
for detecting microformats, the next release isn't too far over the  


On Jan 10, 2008, at 7:57 AM, Chris Messina wrote:

> Was thinking...
> I don't have a problem with PD for my text contributions, but for
> graphics and artwork, I feel that there should be proper credit given
> for derivative works (i.e. the microformats icons that Wolfgang
> Bartelme did). Is it possible to license artwork under a different
> license and keep it on the wiki (i.e. CC+)?
> Chris
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