[uf-discuss] hAudio rel-enclosure & linking issues

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Jan 10 18:06:53 PST 2008

In message <CjPah$aeTqhHFwsZ at pigsonthewing.org.uk>, Andy Mabbett 
<andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> writes

>The hAudio spec says:
>    <http://microformats.org/wiki/haudio#Full_Download_.28Enclosure.29>
>        Full Download (Enclosure)

>           *    The element is identified by a URI fitting the
>                rel-design-pattern, the rel content being enclosure.

>This does not allow for links to streaming files, which are not 
>cacheable, and are thus outside the scope of rel-enclosure:
>    <http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-enclosure>

>        relEnclosure is one of several microformats. By adding
>        rel="enclosure" to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the
>        destination of that hyperlink is intended to be downloaded and
>        cached.

It would also seem to be inadvisable to use rel="enclosure" for links to 
off-site files.

Perhaps download targets should be indicated by class="download" (or 
some such) with an informative note about using rel="enclosure" /where 
appropriate/ ?

Andy Mabbett

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