[uf-discuss] Re: hCard: url and tel

Jeremy Keith jeremy at adactio.com
Mon Jan 14 09:40:36 PST 2008

Andy wrote:
>     <span class="type" title="data: home">Chez moi</span>
> The more I consider that pattern, the more it seems that this is a
> workable (indeed, best-possible) solution, if I say so myself.
> I invite people to highlight any shortcomings it may have.

The CLASS attribute can take multiple (space separated) values). If  
there were more than one value in the CLASS attribute, it would no  
longer be clear what the TITLE attribute is referring to:

<span class="type extended-address" title="data:home">Chez moi</span>

That's just a quick example off the top of my head and one that could  
probably be worked out but the issue remains: the CLASS attribute  
needs to be able to take multiple values. The way that this allows  
microformats values to be intermingled with other values is one of  
the most appealing and flexible aspects of microformats:

<a class="fn myname url website" href="http://adactio.com/">Jeremy  



Jeremy Keith

a d a c t i o


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