[uf-discuss] HTML 5, rev and votelinks

Derrick Lyndon Pallas derrick at pallas.us
Fri Jan 25 09:41:40 PST 2008

Derrick Lyndon Pallas wrote:
> Frances Berriman wrote:
>> As for the actual VoteLinks - I wonder if when it comes down to it, it
>> would be good and interesting to see how much usage they're actually
>> getting.  Rev is notoriously under-used and generally misunderstood (I
>> for one constantly swap the definitions of rev and rel and have to
>> double check each time).
> As for xFolk itself

Oops, I'm not sure why I went on to talk about xFolk. Needless to say, 
VoteLinks gets orders of magnitude less use than xFolk. ~ Derrick Pallas

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