[uf-discuss] Possible alternative methods for "include"

Guillaume Lebleu guillaume at lebleu.org
Fri Jan 25 16:25:13 PST 2008

Andy Mabbett wrote:
> A brainstorm of possible alternative methods of using include in
> microformats, avoiding the use of the problematic "OBJECT" or empty-link
> variants:
>         <foo id="birminghamid" class="locality">Birmingham</foo>
> then:
>         <foo class="adr birminghamid">[...]</foo>
What about:

<span class="adr" id="myaddress">my address<span>

<a href="#myaddress" rev="propertyOf" class="locality">Birmingham</a>


The idea is that:

<span class="adr">
   <span class="locality>...</span>

is in my view a convenient short cut for:

<span class="adr" id="#myadress">...</span>

<a href="#myaddr" rev="propertyOf" class="locality">...</a>

The shortcut notation is convenient when properties are grouped together 
in the HTML tree (usually the case), while the subject/predicate/object 
works in any case. In other words, in the first case, you can view the 
parent/child relationship (span of class "adr" is the parent element of 
span of class="locality") as overloaded semantically: it means both 
"part of" (in HTML) and "property of" (in microformats).

Don't mean to start a debate on properties vs relationships...


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