[uf-discuss] Possible alternative methods for "include"

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sat Jan 26 01:12:33 PST 2008

In message <479A7DE9.9050805 at lebleu.org>, Guillaume Lebleu
<guillaume at lebleu.org> writes

>Andy Mabbett wrote:
>> A brainstorm of possible alternative methods of using include in
>> microformats, avoiding the use of the problematic "OBJECT" or empty-link
>> variants:

>What about:
><span class="adr" id="myaddress">my address<span>
><a href="#myaddress" rev="propertyOf" class="locality">Birmingham</a>

That seems to presume, wrongly, a 1:1 relationship between the included
data and the microformat. Consider:

        <span class="adr" id="myaddress">my address<span>

        <span class="adr" id="mysecondaddress">my second address<span>

        <a href="#????" rev="propertyOf" class="locality">Birmingham</a>

It also requires publishers to make a within-page link, where none
existed previously.

Furthermore, "rev" is deprecated for use in microformats.

Andy Mabbett

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