[uf-discuss] [ANN] grabb.it Pending hAudio Rollout.

Martin McEvoy info at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Jan 30 18:00:26 PST 2008

Hello All

I have recently been in discussion with Chris Anderson and Greg
Borenstein from Grabb.it [1] who have announced a planned roll out of
hAudio in their pages, this will exist in two forms of support.

1, In the Grabb.it user pages (such as http://grabb.it/users/greg ) will
be marked up with valid hAudio.

2, Grabb.it will correctly parse hAudio when it encounters it on the web
which will be done by adding hAudio support to Mofo [2], the general
purpose Ruby microformat parser.

None of the above is Live (Yet) as they plan on rolling out hAudio soon
in the days to come as their time schedule allows.

Great News I think.

[1] http://grabb.it 
[2] http://mofo.rubyforge.org/


Martin McEvoy

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