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Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Wed Mar 5 01:27:11 PST 2008

Brian Suda wrote:

> i haven't tested your example, but X2V does support the header/id.

Really? As I say, I only had a quick skim of the code on 
hg.microformats.org, and don't really know much XSLT anyway, so I may well 
have missed it. I also think I was explicitly looking for the word "axis" 
when I was skimming, so may have missed it because of...

> So your example of:
>        <th id="id_fn" axis="fn">Full name</th>
> would need to become:
>         <th id="id_fn"><span class="fn">Full name</span></th>
> Axis is not used and the class="fn" needs to be a child of the id
> being referenced.

That would be contrary to Tantek's guidelines on the Wiki:

| If the element is a table data cell <td>, then:
|   1.  parse its "headers" attribute as a space separated set of local IDs
|   2.  find the <td> and <th> elements referenced by those IDs (call them
|       header cells) and consider them part of the element being parsed
|       as follows:
|         1. Treat the header cells as children of the element, ordered by
|            the order of ids in its "headers" attribute, immediately
|            following the last child node (text or element) or the
|            element. (The basic idea is that the content from those
|            header cells is used to construct the VEVENT, but secondary
|            to (AFTER) the content in the data cell itself, so that the
|            data cell can customize/override part of the data in the
|            header, e.g. if the header cell included both start time and
|            location, and the event was being held at a different
|            location).
|         2. Parse the "axis" attribute of a header cell as a comma-
|            separated list of categories. These categories must be used
|            in addition to (and before) any class names on that header
|            cell for determining whether it is a property of the VEVENT. 

The example I provided will be correctly parsed as hCard according to 
these guidelines.

> To see a working example, you can visit:
> http://www.sixnationskickoff.com/
> it is hCalendar items, but it is pretty easy to figure out how to use
> hCard instead.

Not a particularly useful example: the table headers don't contain any 
microformat classes. Also, what's up with the extra "uid" classes for each 

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