[uf-discuss] IE8 + hAtom = hSlice

Ryan King ryan at theryanking.com
Wed Mar 5 10:40:43 PST 2008

On Mar 5, 2008, at 7:28 AM, Dimitri Glazkov wrote:
> It looks like Microsoft is adopting microformats, if not in a rather
> awkward way:
> http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/ie/ie8/readiness/DevelopersNew.htm#webslices
> On one hand, I am thrilled to see hAtom implemented in such an elegant
> manner, on the other hand, I am puzzled about the 'hslice' nonsense.
> But hey, I'll take this over some proprietary XML markup any day.

Yeah, I find it strange that they say that they're using hAtom, but  
then go and mint a new term. Why not just use hAtom and be done with  
it? Would it be too much to ask for this feature to work with *already  
deployed content on the web*?


Come on, microsoft, you're so close to getting it right here!


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