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Igor Wawrzyniak igorwaw at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 03:43:41 PST 2008


I'm writing an article on microformats, I hope to publish in one of
Polish IT magazines. I read the Wiki and other resources, I also began
implementing microformats on my websites a few weeks ago, but I still
have some questions. Mostly about history or ideas behind
microformats, not the technology. I hope it's the right place to ask

1) In my article I wrote that the community behind microformats began
as a sort of grasroots movement, involving enthusiasts: bloggers,
wikipedia editors, people who were into
social-networking sites and other web 2.0 ideas etc. Only later it
gained support of software companies and standarization bodies.

Do you agree with that summary? Remember I need to keep it short, it's
only an introduction, I'm mostly writing about technology.

2) I also put microformat movement in opposition to "traditional"
semantic web concept, like the one proposed by Tim Berner's Lee. I
mean, you're trying to solve the same problem
in a completely different way, without introducing new language and
requiring webmasters to put a completely new content. Instead, your
supporting incremental change, dealing
with the simplest problem first.

Again, do I got that right?

3) On a more technical note. I'm confused about a rel-tag. Let's say I
run a website that has it's internal tagging system, each post is
concluded with a few links: this article belongs to category <this>,
<that> and <yet another>. I can also ocassionally link to an external
site that supports tagging, like del.icio.us. Do i include a rel-tag
- internal links
- external links
- both?
FAQ says I'm not supposed to use rel-tag on links in a tag-cloud, why?

Igor Wawrzyniak

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