[uf-discuss] Has the cowpath for these XFN values faded away: friend, co-worker, muse, etc?

Costello, Roger L. costello at mitre.org
Tue Mar 18 08:18:53 PST 2008

Hi Folks,
Chris Messina wrote[1]: "... you'll find that, by and large, the
majority of XFN links on the web are using either rel-contact or

I have been looking at various social networks for the last week, and
Chris' statement is consistent with what I have seen - most web pages
just use "contact" or "me".

This puzzles me.  Microformats are about paving existing cowpaths.  I
presume the authors of XFN saw a clear cowpath for not only "contact"
and "me", but for all the other XFN values, such as "friend",
"co-worker", "muse", etc.  Has the cowpath for these later values
disappeared, and thus are no longer needed?



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