[uf-discuss] Using microformats for automation of user input

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Wed Mar 19 20:34:12 PST 2008

Hi Victor,
> Is anybody aware of implementation or research on the topic of  
> microformat usage for automation of user input? It is obvious that  
> attaching microformat to said HTML form fields makes it possible for  
> automation software to provide known values for them, without user  
> interaction. This is particularly useful from the point of view of  
> automatic service provisioning and application integration.
> However I was unable to find tracks of microformats usage for this  
> purposes on the web...

It's long occurred to me that this would be of no small value,  
particularly in the context of devices where text input is more of a  
pain than standard keyboards - things with virtual keyboards, sms  
keyboards, and so on.

There is in fact ECML


which has a degree of support in various browsers auto complete  
algorithms. Because common ecommerce form fields go beyond the  
vocabularies of hCard, hCalendar, and so on, I wonder what value there  
might be in considering the microformatization of ECML (yeah yeah, tat  
last sentence should probably be in the new mailing list ;-)

Can't really determine how much traction ECML has got with publishers  
(Google might be able to tell us)

HTH at least a little


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