[uf-new] PROPOSAL: Replace hAudio FN with TITLE

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed Feb 6 10:06:57 PST 2008

It is difficult for Microformat newbies to understand the reasoning
behind the choice of FN for hAudio titles. Similarly, its semantic
meaning is questionable when used with hAudio to name song, album and
audio recording title's in general.

There does not seem to be any legacy issues with using TITLE from hCard,
other than the definition would have to change from "job title" to
"title". Since hCard is the only Microformat that uses TITLE, and since
TITLE has a more specific meaning in hCard to mean "job title", it can
be said that TITLE, much like FN, becomes more specific given the context.

FN in hCard means "the formatted name of a person or orgainzation".
FN in hAudio currently means "the formatted name of an audio recording".

If this proposal were adopted, the following would hold:

TITLE in hCard means "job title"
TITLE in hAudio means "audio recording title"

It was asserted that this change would have no ill-effects to any other
Microformat[1]. That assertion has yet to be challenged.

The reasons for this change include:

- TITLE is more semantically accurate, we are trying to describe the
  title of the audio recording.
- TITLE makes more sense to Microformats newbies than FN does.
- There can be conflicts between hAudio FN and hCard FN - these
  conflicts are more prevalent that hAudio TITLE and hCard TITLE
  conflicts because TITLE is used less in hCard than FN.

Oppositions to changing from FN to TITLE include:

- It is already defined as "job title" in hCard.

If you are in support of this proposal, please speak up, even if it is a
"+1". If you are opposed to this proposal, please let us know the
reasoning to your opposition.

-- manu


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