[uf-rest] AHAH Returning Mysterious 404s

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Wed Mar 12 12:26:27 PST 2008

>> Good day
>> I am hoping someone can advise me
>> I am the author of a WordPress plugin (php) that makes various uses  
>> of AHAH (straight from the wiki here). 99%+ of my users have no  
>> problem but two or three receive 404 OK errors returned from each  
>> call.
> Ouch. Do you mean those users get the error *every* time? For every  
> client?
>> We have investigated everything as far as I can tell. The  
>> environments are not 'different' - Apache/Linux php4 or 5.  
>> Permissions are not an issue.
>> If I paste the url of the php file that is being sent to the js/ 
>> AHAH routine directly into the browser it returns the correct  
>> content with no problem. And typically of course, I cannot  
>> reproduce the error but have seen it on a users site.
> Just so I understanding:
> 1. Your plugin users are site owners, who have installed it on your  
> site.
> 2. User A has no problems
> 3. User B, with an identical server setup, constantly has *their*  
> users getting 404s every time they hit that page, no matter which  
> browser they use
> Is that correct?
Good day again Ernest
Well the results are in! Of the four people with this problem there is  
nothing that is an EXACT match. Different browsers, slightly different  
Apache versions (all 1.3.xx however) etc.
It is impossible to claim that these people have an 'identical server  
setup' as users without the problem as they are all with different  
hosting companies. And some have different configurations of where  
they run their WP install from. But I can say there is nothing  
noticeably unusual about these users although it is quite obviously  
going to be an environmental issue of some sort. But where to look!
I am truly stumped.

> -enp
>> My javascript is, shall we say, 'recently acquired' but I am not  
>> doing anything complex - simply populating a div or two.
>> Can anyone possibly suggest where I should look for the source of  
>> the problem. before I tear the rest of my hair out?
>> Any help would be much appreciated
>> Thanks
>> Andy
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