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In Search of Microformats

It’s a big week for microformats as Google launch ‘Rich Snippets’ into their main search engine. Regular users are starting to see great benefits of published structured data.

Microformats at BarCampLondon

The 2nd and 3rd of September saw the first BarCamp event in the UK, held at Yahoo! HQ in London. Participants came from all areas of technology and web development, but the local Microformateers were in attendance and created a mini-track on the second day with 3 back-to-back presentations. The first was my own and […]

Thanks for a wonderful Birthday Party!

Thanks once again for all your help in pulling together a smashing public celebration of the first year of — in less than a week! Based on the drink ticket and badge counts (and dozens of photos on flickr), between 125-150 participants joined us to kick off a very successful week for the microformats […]

Microformats Search

For many of you this is old news, but I just wanted to make sure everything’s seen it… The week before last, we at Technorati launched an experimental Microformats Search tool in our “kitchen” (where you can taste the products before they’re fully “baked”). This is an early stage release, but we wanted to get […]


A few weeks ago a few folks discovered the REST section of the microformats wiki, which discusses “how to optimally use Microformats as the encoding for REST web services”, but has grown to include broader discussions of applying microformats principles to both protocols and javascript techniques. One of those principles could be rephrased as: Why […]