2011 Wedding Gown Trends

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2011 might seem like a long way off, but bridal gown designers are already hard at work creating the beautiful styles which brides next year will all be coveting. Set to debut in a few months, the first crop of 2011 gowns are embellished with many dimensional details, lots of handstitched crystals, and large floral appliques. Take a sneak peek into the romantic style of the latest wedding gown trends.

For the last few seasons, ruffles have been one of the biggest ways that designers have chosen to add volume and visual interest to their gowns. The bridal gowns which are set to debut soon move away from the ruffle trend, but not from the idea of using embellishments to add volume and femininity. Instead of ruffles, look for gowns with hundreds of tiny three dimensional flowers stitched all over them. Soft petals are another favorite decoration for the romantic gowns for 2011. Oversized clusters of flower "corsages" are another big trend, and they are primarily being used as accents on waistlines or shoulders.

One thing you will not be seeing is a lot of plain dresses or those with simple lines. Asymmetry is still in, both in the form of the one shoulder gown and wedding dresses sale with asymmetrical draping on the bodice. Very low waistlines are in abundance, and most bodices have ruched, gathered, or draped bodices which hug the figure (the wrapped fabric does a nice job of smoothing over any figure flaws in these tight bodices). Certainly strapless bridal gowns are still a staple, and the one shoulder style is still in style. A new addition to the necklines for 2011 wedding gowns is the tip of the shoulder design which is very slim at the top and just barely grazes the edge of the bride's shoulder. It is a very flattering neckline for many women, and a nice alternative to the more typical strapless wedding dress.

With all the romanticism evident in the wedding dresses ebay upcoming gowns for 2011, don't worry that all the petals and flowers mean less sparkle. You will be seeing Swarovski crystals stitched into the center of tiny floral appliques, as well as larger crystals used to embellish the entire gown, from neck to hem. The difference is in the way the sparkly details are being used: more organically and in clear crystal, rather than the icy silver of mirror backed crystals or rhinestones used to create a defined pattern. This will tie in beautifully with the Swarovski crystal bracelets which are one of the top trends for both 2010 and 2011 brides. Stacks of mismatched Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelets are a modern finishing touch for the romantic gown designs.

It seems as though all of the bridal designers will be crazy for texture in 2011. Not only will gowns soon be gliding down the runway embellished with floral appliques and oversized crystals, but designers are using even more interesting accents to create gowns with dimension. Look for multiple sizes of paillettes being used to create a shimmery, faceted appearance on gowns. (Paillettes are essentially larger and nicer versions of sequins, and they are often drilled at the top instead of the center so they can dangle and move.) Even feathers are making a statement as a trendy bridal gown embellishment. These fantastical details are being added to very soft and romantic fabrics like net, lace, and organza to create gowns which are like something out of a fairy tale. Lucky brides!