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<entry-title>2016-06-20 - 11 years of microformats.org!</entry-title>

Today is the 11th birthday of the launch of microformats.org and this past year has been particularly productive for microformats specifications & implementations.

Add anything notable you know of regarding microformats in the past year below, and I'll curate/assemble into a blog post accordingly!

Tantek 16:20, 20 June 2016 (UTC)


New implementations (publishing or parsing), substantial/notable site deployments, etc.


Questions from the past year of @microformats, or new questions (feel free to add!)

  • ...


Do you like microformats (especially microformats2)? Tell us why! (or feel free to cite/quote others' testimonials in the wild (e.g. from their blog, tweets etc.)

  • ...


Anything else notable from the past year of microformats that didn't fit into the above

  • ...