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= Microformats Wiki =
Welcome to the microformats wiki. There's a lot going on around here, but feel free to jump in and offer your assistance.
== But First... ==
'''Please read [[how-to-play]] before making any edits.'''
'''Please read [[process]] before proposing any new microformats.'''
== Introduction ==
What are microformats? See the [http://microformats.org/about/ about page] for an overview, and the [[introduction]] page for more info.  Recent [[presentations]] are also a good place for some background reading.
== Specifications ==
[[microformats|Microformats]] open standards specifications:
* [[hcalendar|hCalendar]]
* [[hcard|hCard]]
* [[rel-license|RelLicense]]
* [[rel-nofollow|RelNoFollow]]
* [[rel-tag|RelTag]]
* [[vote-links|VoteLinks]]
* [http://gmpg.org/xfn/ XFN]
* [http://gmpg.org/xmdp/ XMDP]
* [[xoxo|XOXO]]
== Drafts ==
* [[hreview|hReview]]
* [[robots-exclusion|Robots Exclusion]]
* [[rel-enclosure]]
* [http://thecommunityengine.com/home/archives/2005/05/xfolk_entry_04.html xFolk] (soon to appear on this wiki)
== Exploratory discussions ==

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