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The right usage of the sony vgp-bps2 laptop battery and maintain

How to maintain or use the sony vgp-bps2 laptop battery actually?

1. Avoid using the sony VGP BPS2 laptop battery under the heat circumstance. Under the heat circumstance the service life of the vgpbps2 laptop battery will shorten seriously, even there will be the danger of the explosion, so we should avoid using the laptop battery under the heat circumstance as far as possible, improve the environment for notebook to diffuse the hot as far as possible, not only can prolong the life span of the notebook, but also have the not small help for the sony vgp-bps2 laptop battery.

2. Do not use the fast charge as far as possible. In fact, owning the fast charge technical is all the top big factory in the international at present.The technique aimed at the business,the personage has an obvious fuction,saving those business man's precious time as far as possible.But in fact, the hypostasis of this technique is the enlarge electric voltage and electric currents will bring more calorieses, thus rapid lower the life span of the battery, and will increase the danger of the battery explosion significantly. Although each international big factorieses had designed a great deal of protection technique,not difficult see from the several sony vgpbps2 laptop battery explosion last year, these protection technique is not all-powerful, the fast charge still can do not need to then do not need.

3. Reduce to charger or discharge the sony vgp-bps2 laptop battery as far as possible. Charger or discharge the laptop battery continuously will accelerate the damage of the battery,but don't promote the method dismantling the battery to save alone. After all,the price of the sony vgp-bps2 battery is the extremely minute completely comparing to the notebook.

4. Absolutely don't use the VGP BPS2 laptop battery under the damp or drenching condition. Under the damply or drenching environment, the laptop battery can take place the short circuit very easily, it's very big damage for the sony vgp-bps2 laptop battery, lightly can damage the battery and the laptop,badly can occur the self-ignite and battery blast.

5. Immediately stop usage the laptop battery if you discover the sony vgpbps2 laptop battery has over hot or inflation changes character. Actually, although having already had many explosions of laptop battery currently, with the millions shipment quantity every year of the notebook battery, the explosion rate is mostly little, so everyone has no necessity to have excessive fear about the battery explosion.