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== Draft Specification ==
=== Contributors ===
=== Contributors ===

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Draft Specification



This specification is (C) 2005-2021 by the authors. However, the authors intend to submit (or already have submitted, see details in the spec) this specification to a standards body with a liberal copyright/licensing policy such as the GMPG, IETF, and/or W3C. Anyone wishing to contribute should read their copyright principles, policies and licenses (e.g. the GMPG Principles) and agree to them, including licensing of all contributions under all required licenses (e.g. CC-by 1.0 and later), before contributing.


This specification is subject to a royalty free patent policy, e.g. per the W3C Patent Policy, and IETF RFC3667 & RFC3668.


Resume.app is a simple tool that should enable you to create custom resume documents that export microformatted hResume documents, upload them to a web service or to your own server.