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  • Question(s) that have come up regarding the [[naming principles]]. meaning ('''class="b"''') but to prevent needless verbosity ('''class="thing-that-we-have-no-short-name-for"''').''
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  • ...ommunities, the responsibility of curating, moderating, and helping manage the microformats community has evolved over time. Here is how microformats admi ...s setup the domain, the site, the wiki, the blog, the mailing lists formed the initial set of admins.
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  • Per the microformats [[process]], this is a page for researching and brainstorming * W3C. Nearly every W3C specification has a link in the header to the "Previous Version".
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  • == The issue == ...y. Properties of one (e.g. reviewer) can be reasonably assumed to apply to the other.
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  • ...(e.g. audio, video, images) that they create and publish, possibly within the context of a still in-development [[media-info]] microformat. Per the microformats [[process]]:
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  • One aspect of the [[start-simple]] [[microformats]] [[principle]], and one of several [[namin One way of keeping a solution simple is to minimize the vocabulary that the solution uses, and certainly of those, minimize any ''new'' vocabulary that
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  • ...ion p-description">The microformats community has grown and stablized over the past few years, news of adoptions, new ideas and challenges come up frequen Come along, meet up with the microformats community in San Francisco
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  • The microformats wiki has the closest thing to a real-world rel value registry of [[link-relation-types|link relation t We have the most comprehensive documentation of [[existing-rel-values]] currently which
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  • upgrade of [[hReview-aggregate]] to [[microformats2]]. Please refer to the [[#Todo]] section. ...s|microformat]] draft standards suitable for embedding data in HTML and is the [[microformats2]] update to [[hReview-aggregate]].
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  • ...ublic/w3c-wai-ig/2006OctDec/0033.html 2006-10-06 Frances Berriman] answers the issue. [[User:Brian|brian]] 14:02, 13 Aug 2007 (UTC) *# ''Using emboldening and italics to differentiate types on, e.g. the cheatsheet pages [[hcard-cheatsheet]], is unhelpful to users of assistive t
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  • Examples on the web of pages which represent particular types of objects. * [[XFN]] - use of XFN on a page implies that the page itself is or represents a person.
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  • ...everal [[licensing]] [[licensing-brainstorming|brainstorm proposals]], per the microformats [[process]] towards developing a licensing microformat for aut ...thing that is being licensed, <code>rel="item-license"</code> to indicate the specific license(s), "item-url" to license one or external resources like
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  • ...n [[admin]] on [[IRC]] when you'd like your writing reviewed and posted to the [ blog]. ...ard]] and [[rel-me]], to emergence of federated indieweb comments based on the [[microformats2]] [[h-entry]] and [[h-card]]. Search engines are crawling m
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  • ...raphs, blueprints or screen captures. These are usually incorporated using the HTML &lt;img> element, however this offers no way of differentiating betwee ...h an image and readers must rely on the proximity of the image and text on the finished rendered page. This specification aims to allow authors to mark up
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  • ...ucture, it's kind of hard to do things. I hope that adding microformats to the site will also make it easier for reader as it will be more user friendly. These are stories from the [ micformats-discu
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  • '''Goal:''' The goal of this document is to provide some good intuitive guidelines that sho ..., etc.), see the [[hcalendar-examples|hCalendar examples]] page as well as the rest of this page.
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  •">h-review</dfn> is a simple, open format for publishing reviews on the web. h-review is one of several open [[microformats|microformat]] draft sta h-review is the [[microformats2]] update to [[hReview]].
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  • ...willingness to adopt universal methods, and where is there true demand for the coordination of new web standards? Use the following tags on related content (blog posts, photos, [
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  • One of the key [[microformats]] [[principles]] is re-use, and in particular, re-use of One of the key [[microformats]] principles is re-use, and in particular, re-use of nam
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  • It may be that the solutions described below are sufficient to solve the issue. More neutral statements to that effect might be more constructive.'' ...n. Parsing questions should be phrased as such and discussed in [[IRC]] or the microformats-dev mailing list.
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