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*+1 — Ben Ward
*+1 — Ben Ward
*+1 — James Craig
*+1 — James Craig
*+1 — Jeremy Keith

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Misuse of microformats logo for ‘POSH’ bling

On 3rd May Ben Ward objected to the use of the microformats logo in graphics promoting ‘POSH’, on grounds that it creates confusing and undesirable ambiguity between the terms ‘microformat’ and ‘POSH’. We're at a point where people are wrongly interpreting ‘microformat’ as a general term for semantic class names. The endorsement of these graphics on our own Wiki is a massive hindrance to our efforts to discourage such misuse.

Please indicate a vote below on the removal of the microformats logo POSH buttons.

  • +1 — Ben Ward
  • +1 — James Craig
  • +1 — Jeremy Keith