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(step 2 toward a more better irc-people page (tr with h-card for each person in the template))
(dropped "User:" in visible link text)
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<tr class="h-card">
<tr class="h-card"> <td class="irc-name">{{{1}}}</td> <td class="p-name">{{{2}}}</td> <td class="u-url">[[User:{{{3}}}|{{{3}}}]]</td> <td class="timezone">{{{4}}}</td> <td class="p-note">{{{5}}}</td> </tr>
  <td class="irc-name">{{{1}}}</td>
  <td class="p-name">{{{2}}}</td>
  <td class="u-url">[[User:{{{3}}}]]</td>
  <td class="timezone">{{{4}}}</td>
  <td class="p-note">{{{5}}}</td>

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{{{1}}} {{{2}}} [[User:{{{3}}}|{{{3}}}]] {{{4}}} {{{5}}}