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Nick Drago (Drago516)

Overview & skills

I am a student, and enjoy working with computers and technology. Last summer, I was an intern at a local software company, where I gained a vast amount of skills and experience.

I have taken several related classes at school: Internet Routing and Switching, Digital Video Production, and (currently) Advanced Computer Science.

I am an expert at XHTML and CSS, web design, and blogging (using Wordpress) with entry-level experience with PHP, RSS, and SSL. My web design portfolio is available at

I worked on a project developing an open-source application that creates a self-signed PKCS12 certificate, which can be used to sign instant messages and email. I authored a document which describes the processes that the program uses, titled "Creating a Self-Signed PKCS12 Certificate Using OpenSSL".

I am the founder and managing editor of a weblog on cycling, I am the co-founder and a disc jockey for DynamicDJ, a local mobile disc jockey company.