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At some point, I'll get around to starting some pages for discussing an API microformat and a logging microformat.

Sitemaps and WSDL may provide the foundation for an API microformat. I know that microformats shouldn't be invented where there isn't already something useful out in the wild that just needs a way to exist in xHTML. WSDL and sitemaps are examples of useful data that could be more useful if placed into a human and machine readable structure. Somewhat like Doxygen, this sort of microformat could be used with a site's REST API documentation. Just as WSDL is useful for SOA application development, this microformat would be useful for applications using REST.

The microformats IRC log is already placed into a nice structure for filtering using JavaScript and CSS. Something similar should be provided for all logs and conversation histories. Web server logs are a good example and have some standardization already. That alone seems a bit too specific to me. Without broad enough consumer use, it wouldn't be suitable for a microformat. A general event history or time-line microformat, that includes event times, referral URLs, destination URLs, sizes, user agents, message text, warning/error/info priority/criticality categories, user/source references, action descriptions, and similar, would seem to be broadly usable.

In the meantime, read my blog at Chaotic Clamoring. I talk about microformats every now and again.