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At least if I put something here, I won't keep seeing my name as a red link...


Hi Andy,

I am one of the contributors/admins on wikispecies. You posted a message a while ago, also on our mailing list. I am wondering in what stage you really are with your private project. Have you actually build something, or are you still in the brain-storming phase? Anyway I'm anxious to see where you are going. --Hyppo 14:44, 8 Oct 2006 (PDT) (Kempm on Wikispecies)


Hey, I answered on my own talk page (It's never been clear to me what the best way to do this is.) In short Wikitravel is poised to do a major hCard rollout in the coming months. -- MarkJaroski 07:31, 25 Nov 2006 (PST)

hCard Examples in the wild

Hey, why is hiding semi-useful information using CSS bad? The Geo and Address stuff wouldn't be enough to contact me, but I would like there so bookmarklets, crawlers, greasemonkey etc can manipulate it. Is there a policy on using CSS hiding of fields? Thanks :) --WizardIsHungry 14:35, 15 Dec 2006 (PST)

See hCard issues Andy Mabbett 14:55, 15 Dec 2006 (PST)
Thanks, in the future it might be nice to throw "See hCard issues" in the edit summary or in the annotation.--WizardIsHungry 16:24, 15 Dec 2006 (PST)

Thank you!

Thank you so much for catching my typo on my user page! I really appreciate it. --Carla 08:27, 10 Sep 2007 (PDT)

Aloha and mahalo

For your (or your bots) kind rules/regs posting. --JeffMcNeill 13:20, 1 Oct 2007 (PDT)


See hCard Examples in the wild

Please check again, probably something was missing in the english language page compared to the italian language one. Should be fixed now, I moved it back from 'examples-with-problems' to the general examples-in-wild hcard wiki page. --LucaPost, Oct 2007