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<h1>WebOrganics Talk</h1>
Editor: [[User:WebOrganics | Martin McEvoy]], [ WebOrganics]

==Contact details==
<div class="vcard" id="weborganics">
<span class="fn"><span class="given-name">Martin</span> <span class="family-name"> McEvoy</span></span>
<span class="org">'''WebOrganics'''</span>.
* <span class="url"><nowiki></nowiki></span>
* Email: <span class="email"></span> [ Download vCard]
== source of image for hcard download... ==
Aloha Martin, is that your own image? released under some kind of license? it's cute, let me know :D
Hey Jeff, No Not my Image Found It [[icons|on the icons page]] or you can try the Factory City Page :)

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