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activity verb examples

Part of the activity streams effort. Per the microformats The microformats process this page is here to document existing real world web publishing examples of activity verbs (typically as part of activity streams).


In alphabetical order by site/service name:


  • Flickr recent activity on your account
    • "newest contact" (of Flickr USER)
    • "marked you as a contact too" (by Flickr USER)
    • "comment since yours"
    • "added this as favorite" (one of your photos)
    • "said" (a comment on one of your photos)
    • "added a tag" (tagname) (on one of your photos)
    • "added a note" (on one of your photos)
    • sent a Flickr mail (by Flickr USER)


  • FriendFeed
    • "posted" (message on Twitter, entry on Tumblr, photo on, message on, message on Jaiku, entry on BLOGNAME, link)
    • "published" (photos on Flickr)
    • "dugg" (story on Digg)
    • "checked in" (on
    • "bookmarked" (page on delicious)
    • "loved" (song on

see also

For more examples, see also: DiSo wiki activity streams examples.

see also