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Adaptive Path Feedback


Need to improve the story of how and why microformats.

Needs to be more tightly integrated into the experience.

Formulate around, getting more traffic.

threefold 1. getting more traffic 2. users understanding how to use it 3. developers being taught and motivated to use it

Someone implemented hReview all wrong, because documentation wasn't clear.

Tools would help.

Baked into blogging tools.

Needs to be more Flickr-like.

Social-interaction element. As a community building exercise.

How much do you want people to know that when they are using rel="nofollow" for example, that they think of it as a microformat?

You shouldn't have to think about it, it should just be the way you structure things.

When your not thinking about the tool or the method, but just dealing with the data.

SB is a plugin that supports hReview 0.4 (in progress), form takes a lot of input, like the location, but doesn't mark it up as an hCard 1.0. The formatted result is nothing like what I want on my website. I could go and change the templates, but it is easier to just stick with the two field and one button interface.