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*[ Share My Routes] (e.g. [])
*[ Share My Routes] (e.g. [])
**Requested by feedback form, 2007-09-04
**Requested by feedback form, 2007-09-04 [[User:AndyMabbett|Andy Mabbett]] 07:41, 4 Sep 2007 (PDT)

=== Adr ===
=== Adr ===

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A lot can be done to help advocate the use of microformats. Often, simply by taking an existing site, and adding the suggested microformatting to a few of its pages as examples is all that is necessary to help the developers of the site add the microformats to the site itself. Applications, such as browsers, could also use some guidance on how to best support microformats.

Sometimes advocacy requires comparison and analysis of alternative technologies or approaches. As Mike Schinkel pointed out, we need good answers to comments like "No, we're going to use XYZ instead...".

The goal for this page is to include pointers for how to advocate microformats on new sites and on existing sites that are considering or using alternative approaches, as well as applications that can benefit from supporting microformats.

For general resources for marketing microformats, see Spread Microformats.

Adding Microformats to Existing Sites

Add sites here that you think would benefit from the addition of microformats. For now they are grouped by the microformat which would primarily benefit the site. Feel free to take a look at some of the sites on this list, document sample pages to be microformatted, add microformats to them, and then add the before/after of the key sections of mark-up to another wiki page for that site.

Successes are also noted; the most recent are flagged as Success!.

If your successes resulted from emails that you sent to site owners/developers, please consider sharing your successful advocacy emails on the Advocacy email samples page, and along with each email sample, list the sites which responded positively to your email. This way others in the community can learn from your success and hopefully use your email samples to contact additional sites and get them to adopt microformats.


See hCard advocacy


hCalendar could be used on these sites:

W3C track at WWW2006

  • DanC offers a 150 point bounty to anybody who takes the W3C track at WWW2006 and adds hCalendar markup and sends it to,
    • DanC, did this happen? Could you renew your bounty for WWW2007? Tantek 10:34, 3 Sep 2007 (PDT)

Television listings

  • A major coup would be to get one of the major players (the BBC, Sky, or PBS, say), to mark up their TV or radio listings with hCalendar - does anyone have contacts in such an organisation? Andy Mabbett 10:53, 21 Oct 2006 (PDT)
    • Does anyone have URLs to the TV or radio listings of the major players? Getting those URLs would be the next step, and then doing the markup ourselves would be the next step after that. Tantek 13:02, 21 Oct 2006 (PDT)

e.g. (please add other examples!):

Government hCalendar

UK Gov. hCalendar

Sports Fixtures

e.g. (please add other examples!):

Concert/ Theatre Listings

e.g. (please add other examples!):

Travel Industry

any travel site is based on calender type data! Airlines, Hotels etc. Sure it will be nice to get your reservation confirmation, but what about suppliers "syndicating" their product details that are calendar based? This would allow any other to mash-up supplier offerings. Sorry no examples... but I hope this will stimulate others to add some if the know them or just to make others think about possibilities.

iCal Share


Sites that host online calendars of different sorts, containing information from many different areas. (These could also make use of hCard, since they often contain contact information to a lot of different places.)


hReview could be used on these sites:

Government hReview

UK Gov. hReview
  • E-petitions (in draft, and asking for suggested improvements}
    • Requested by e-mail, 2006-12-01 Andy Mabbett 11:48, 1 Dec 2006 (PST)
      • reply: "I've added it to our list of ideas." 2006-12-04 Andy Mabbett 11:08, 4 Dec 2006 (PST)

Wine Reviews

Similar to the following sites could very much benefit from being marked up with hReview:

Other hReview


hAtom could be used on these sites:

Government hAtom

UK Gov. hAtom
  • E-petitions (in draft, and asking for suggested improvements}
    • Requested by e-mail, 2006-12-01 Andy Mabbett 11:49, 1 Dec 2006 (PST)
      • reply: "I've added it to our list of ideas." 2006-12-04 Andy Mabbett 11:07, 4 Dec 2006 (PST)

Other hAtom


Adding "Geo" markup to these sites would make them even more useful:


Routes and tracks

Sites which currently offer downloadable routes or tracks (as KML, GPX or similar files) could also offer a "view on-line" option, with the coordinates listed on a web page, marked-up with Geo (and hCard) microformats, which could then be parsed with whatever tool the user chooses.:


Adding "Adr" markup to these sites would make them even more useful:

  • Various postcode <--> address lookup sites


Google as rel-tag namespace

A Google search for 'sparrow' resolves to, if not the unwieldy - likewise for ' "black redstart" '. If Google can be persuaded to also accept, say, and as being equivalent (and assuming that the latter term searches for ' "black redstart" ', with the quote marks), then Google would become a namespace for rel-tag. Andy Mabbett 00:15, 29 Nov 2006 (PST)


Multiple microformats

The following site(s) could benefit greatly from having multiple microformats added to their pages:

  • IMDB, e.g.
    • hReview for all the review data
    • hCard for all the people
    • tags for film/plot/other tags
    • title/tt0413267 with microformats - hReview for the whole page for the item with overall rating, name, photo, tags. hCards for the directors/actors. Tantek 19:20, 21 May 2007 (PDT)
      • Could also use tag on year (also on Sound Mix, Certification and actor-names if URLs allowed this). Andy Mabbett 02:23, 22 May 2007 (PDT)
    • Media Info microformat once there is one.
  • WikiOutdoors
  • Discogs
    • hCard for artist bios, record company details
    • hCard for user profiles
    • hReview for album ratings
    • audio microformat, when ready, for discographies
    • Requested, 2007-08-30 Andy Mabbett


  • eBay (.com and localised versions)
    • hCard - Buyer and seller address details.
    • hCalendar - Auction end date/times.
    • hReview - Feedback.
    • hAtom - Recent purchases/ won/ lost/ watching etc.
    • Requested by feedback form, 2006-12-05. Andy Mabbett
    • eBay response of 2006-12-08

IT News sites

There is obviously a great deal of publicity to be gained, by having microformats used on sites about IT developments, which are likely to be read by people in a position to have microformats used, and microformat tools implemented, in their organisations. Please add to this list!

Other high-profile IT sites

  • Jakob Nielsen's 'Use It' and his Nielsen Norman Group
  • AtMedia2007
    • Requested via feedback form, 2007-01-18. Andy Mabbett
    • Are using hCard, but will not use hCalendar, saying: "There are aspects of hCalendar that we are not happy using in this situation [...] It surrounds the use of the abbr element, particularly surrounding times in a table cell (the schedule will be slotted into a table once it is ready)." 2007-01-20. Andy Mabbett
  • ...

Science + Technology

Adding Microformats to Applications

User-agents (browsers, etc.) should support microformats natively. For instance, a user should not need to use a third party application or web service to add address details or events from a microformat-using web page to their address book or calendar program.


In addition to the following, third-party developers should be encouraged to make their relevant browser add-ons microforamt aware; or to create new add-ons with microformat capabilities.


Firefox developments
  • The LinkAlert extension could signal when a link is marked as a tag (likewise for other "rel" attributes). Andy Mabbett
    • Requested by e-mail 2006-12-29. Andy Mabbett
    • Response 2007-01-07: "Thank you for your feedback, I will consider adding [...] rel in a future update."


  • First reference to "microformats" in the Opera forums. 2006-12-13 Andy Mabbett
  • Opera Mini (and other browsers on telephones) could especially benefit from recognising the "tel" attributes of hCard, and allowing users to dial numbers found on-line.
  • We've been looking into Microformats for a while, and we are in the process of rolling out Microformats support on My Opera and Dev Opera. Feel free to contact me with any additional suggestions of what you'd like to see. - David Storey


  • Screenreaders (e.g Jaws) could recognise telephone number components of hCards, to differentiate them from other strings of digits. Andy Mabbett 13:02, 9 Dec 2006 (PST)
    • Additional to this, I believe that screen reader users would benefit from being able to recognise any of the microformats. For example, there is value in being verbally notified that a page contains "1 contact and 3 events", or being able to seek out rel attributes with help values. Frances Berriman

Publishing Platforms




  • MediaWiki
    • See above references to Wikipedia, which runs on MediaWiki (as does this wiki)


Semantic MediaWiki

Adding Microformats to Web Services



  • ClearForest Semantic Web Services - uses natural language processing tools to recognise people, organisations, places, events and CVs (resumes) in web pages. Would benefit from recognising hCard, hResume, hCalendar, Geo, Adr, etc. Could also use them in its output. Andy Mabbett 05:09, 6 Dec 2006 (PST)


1296152892_20108bd860_d.jpg (click for larger version)

  • Success! added a microformats category to the ma.gnolia wiki, with information, and then added it to appropriate pages --Carla 10:37, 3 Sep 2007 (PDT)



For successes on Wikipedia, see the list of Wikipedia templates generating microformats.

hCard Successes

See hCard advocacy

hCalendar Successes

hReview successes

Geo Successes


hCalendar rejections

  • DTI: Bank Holidays (not Scotland)
    • Requested by e-mail, 2006-11-13 Andy Mabbett
      • Response: "At the moment we have no plans to use hCalendar or hCard coding due to unresolved concerns about accessibility issues (especially text-to-speech readers), however, we thank you for your suggestion."
      • Request for clarification of concerns unanswered.

Geo rejections

    • Requested via feedback form, 2007-01-27 Andy Mabbett
    • "The true benefit of this appears to be allowing sharing between sites [this] is something that GC specifically guards against so would be a major detriment. And most importantly when discussing a site or piece of software that is running smoothly, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There just does not seem to be a benefit to GC's current plans." 2007-04-02

Comparisons With Alternative Approaches


The CalDAV protocol should not be considered an 'alternative' approach as the two are not mutually exclusive. For more information, see:

Apple Support Tickets

Mailing List Threads

Microsoft Exchange Server

Exchnage Server info to be added.

See Also