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Beaucoup de choses peuvent être faites pour aider à soutenir l'utilisation des microformats. Souvent, simplement en prenant un site existant et en y ajoutant le microformatage suggéré à quelques-unes de ses pages comme des exemples de tout ce qui est nécessaire pour aider les développeurs du site à ajouer des microformats au site lui-même. Les applications, telles que les navigateurs, pourraient utiliser quelque conseil sur la façon de mieux utiliser les microformats.

Parfois le soutient oblige à la comparaison et l'analyse de technologies ou approches alternatives. Comme le soulignait MikeSchinkel, nous avons besoin de bonnes réponses aux commentaires comme "Non, nous allons utiliser à la place XXX...".

L'objectif de cette page est d'inclure des pointeurs sur la façon de défendre les microformats sur des nouveaux sites et sur des sites existants qui envisagent d'utiliser des approches alternatives, tout comme les appliations qui peuvent tirer un avantage de supporter les microformats.

Pour des ressources générales sur le marketing des microformats, regardez propagez les microformats.

Ajouter des Microformats à des Sites Existants

Add sites here that you think would benefit from the addition of microformats. For now they are grouped by the microformat which would primarily benefit the site (so that folks who feel they are good at adding a particular microformat. Feel free to take a look at some of the sites on this list, document sample pages to be microformatted, add microformats to them, and then add the before/after of the key sections of markup to another wiki page for that site.


Adding hCard to these sites would make them quite handy for their users and for being indexed.


W3C track at WWW2006

  • DanC offers a 150 point bounty to anybody who takes the W3C track at WWW2006 and adds hCalendar markup and sends it to,

Television listings

A major coup would be to get one of the major players (the BBC, Sky, or PBS, say), to mark up their TV or radio listings with hCalendar - does anyone have contacts in such an organisation? AndyMabbett 10:53, 21 Oct 2006 (PDT)

Does anyone have URLs to the TV or radio listings of the major players? Getting those URLs would be the next step, and then doing the markup ourselves would be the next step after that. Tantek 13:02, 21 Oct 2006 (PDT)

Ajouter des Microformats à des Applications

Développements Firefox

Mozilla are "brainstorming" developments for Firefox 3.0 and beyond, and have a page on microformat handling at

Comparaisons Avec des Approches Alternatives


Brian Suda

The other great thing about exposing your data as microformats, is that the data becomes Open Data. Will the general public have access to the CalDAV? (probably not) and even if they did, it will probably only serve-up .ics files... what if i don't want ICS? i need to then hack that around to get it into the format that i want... if the data were in the HTML to begin with, then i could EASILY convert that to any format i wanted. Also, sites like will happily take in hCalendar data and aggregate it, make your data more valuable and easily slurped up by other providers - i don't see that happening as easily with a CalDAV.

Kevin Marks

With respect to CalDAV: I spoke to the CalDAV chaps at Apple about this, they have hCalendar support as a ticket in their db:

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