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= See Also =
= See Also =
* [[alternates-examples]]
* [[alternates-examples]]
* [[alternates-formats]]
* [[alternates-brainstorming]]
* [[alternates-brainstorming]]
* [[media-metadata-examples]] -- Yahoo's Media RSS uses this
* [[media-metadata-examples]] -- Yahoo's Media RSS uses this

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This page is to collect examples of alternates, that is, places where a user may be given several different items to choose amongst that at some logical level are considered equivalent.

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Interested Folks

Specific Examples from the Wild


Yahoo's Media RSS provides the <media:group> tag to group alternate choices for the same media file together. Here's an example from their spec:

<rss version="2.0">
<title>Song Site</title>
<description>Songs galore at different bitrates</description>
  <title>Cool song by an artist</title>
   <media:content url="http://www.foo.com/song64kbps.mp3" 
   fileSize="1000" bitrate="64" type="audio/mpeg" 
   isDefault="true" expression="full"/>
   <media:content url="http://www.foo.com/song128kbps.mp3" 
   fileSize="2000" bitrate="128" type="audio/mpeg" 
   <media:content url="http://www.foo.com/song256kbps.mp3" 
   fileSize="4000" bitrate="256" type="audio/mpeg" 
   <media:content url="http://www.foo.com/song512kbps.mp3.torrent" 
   fileSize="8000" type="application/x-bittorrent;enclosed=audio/mpeg" 
   <media:content url="http://www.foo.com/song.wav" 
   fileSize="16000" type="audio/x-wav" expression="full"/>
   <media:credit role="musician">band member 1</media:credit>
   <media:credit role="musician">band member 2</media:credit>
   <media:category>music/artist name/album/song</media:category>

Note the mixing of alternates and related metadata together under the group tag.

See Also